Welcome to the engine room.

The engine room of change, that is. Because retail in the UK really is changing and we’re the driving force behind it. Across our brands – from Argos to Habitat – we’re transforming the way people shop.

In today’s connected world, we’re focusing on speed, innovation and customer convenience. And behind it all is a major operation. With over 840 stores, an advanced delivery network and a fast-growing digital presence, we’re the UK’s leading multichannel retailer.

Think retail. Then think revolution.

Revolution’s a big word to use, we know, but we think it’s the best one to describe a high street that’s turning digital. And who better to shape this future than us? As the home of Argos and Habitat, we’re perfectly placed to change the way people shop. Forever.


Meet our people

Passionate. Expert. Innovative. Our people are the perfect ones to give you the lowdown on life at Home Retail Group.

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