Alex, Contact Centre

My first role at Home Retail Group was a part-time job when I was 16. To be honest, the main reason I joined was just to earn a bit of money while I was at school. The opportunities I got were what kept me here though. My managers saw my potential, and were always keen to help me succeed: before long I actually became one of the youngest managers we’ve ever had in our region!

“I was also given the flexible hours"

“It’s something I’ve found right across Home Retail Group: you’re always encouraged to develop and progress – up through different levels and also horizontally into new areas of the business. When I showed an interest in finance, my manager made sure I had all the tools and training I needed to transfer to that side of the company. I was given a qualified accountant support package, which meant Home Retail Group paid for my Chartered Institute of Management Accountants training and exams, and I was also given the flexible hours I needed to prepare.”

"In a genuinely supportive environment"

“My main responsibility at the moment is providing financial support for the Contact Centre team. It can sometimes be quite demanding, but one of the best things about working here is that you’re always in a genuinely supportive environment. When it gets demanding, you get through it together.”

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