As a Group, we’re going digital. And not in a small way. As we reinvent the high street, and the way people shop, we’re also reinventing ourselves – so that we become the UK’s leading digital retailer. With Bertrand, our visionary Group Chief of Digital at the helm, we’re working in new, more agile ways to get the best ideas out there. Fast. As a team, we’re growing fast, too. How exciting is that?

Our Digital roles

Innovation, Product, Design & Experience

Full of new innovations for our websites and apps, this is a group intent on creating world-class, tailor-made experiences for our customers. (Like our new kid’s Christmas wish list app, for example.) We have a small but influential Innovation team, whose user experience expertise is putting us onto another digital level. Meanwhile, our product team analyse our various platforms and think of ways to make them even better – before passing the baton to Design, who make the ideas work in today’s world. Speed, innovation and, above all, the best experience for our very diverse customer range are at the heart of all we do here.

Digital Marketing, Content & Merchandising

With more and more of our sales coming from the online arena, this team plays a vital role in our success. With annual sales of more than £4.2 billion, nearly half of which came from mobile or online, you can see why working in this area gives you a very high profile, along with the chance to innovate every day. Our Digital Marketing team mixes first-rate analytics with data visualisation skills to enhance the effectiveness of our digital campaigns. Working alongside them, our colleagues in Content are focused on how the customer’s online experience can become even faster, more personalised and more rewarding. Last, but not least, our Merchandisers play a vital role. We have over 60,000 products, and it’s their specialist knowledge that helps ensure we drive sales across all of our ranges and product areas.

Analytics & Operations

As we carry on with our digital transformation, no team has a bigger part to play than Analytics & Operations. With 60,000 products and 180 million+ customer transactions a year, we have a hugely diverse customer base. Understanding their needs, behaviours and wishes is vital to improving their digital experience. This team does just that, as they explore, mine and translate the data that we use to build our digital channels. By looking at each one performs they can tell us how we can improve the user experience. Which is great for us. And even better for the customer.

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From Digital to…

…well, that’s up to you. Because your career is your own. You’ll drive it forward, making the most of the opportunities that come along. And they will come along, because we’ll be with you all the way. Giving you every chance to show us what you can do. It should be some journey.

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