Marketing & Creative

Our Marketing & Creative teams have more fun than most. And why wouldn’t they? They get to see everything we do – both on the high street and online. They work on major brands like Argos (whose catalogue is the largest marketing communication in Europe). They come up with the ideas that drive our new innovations. And they do it all with a ‘let’s go for it’ approach, reasoning that if you’re not going to be brave, you’re not going to go anywhere new.

Our Marketing & Creative roles

Customer & Market Insight and Analysis

Though relatively small in size, our Insight and Customer Experience team plays a key role in changing the way we interact with our customers. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to listening to our customers, understanding exactly what they want, and turning this information into key insights; insights that help us evolve a unique multi-channel offering which sets us apart. From in-depth surveys and detailed focus groups, to innovative analysis methodologies, we use a whole range of tools to get to the heart of what customers want from a retail experience.

Brand Marketing and Design

A large team of 60 or so professionals, our Brand Marketing team is where the ambitious, multi-channel campaigns for Argos and Habitat are devised, developed and executed. Delivering messages to our customers that are simple, clear and compelling, they’re not just our brand guardians – they’re shaping the face of high-street and online retail.

Product, Media and In-Store Marketing

New ideas are the lifeblood of this team. Take our in store marketers. From the launch of 100 Argos digital stores that are changing the way we shop, to the creation of the collateral for our mini Habitat ‘store-within a store’ concept, they’ve certainly been busy. As have our media experts. The innovative ways they find to attract the right customer at the right time in a world gone digital have played a huge part in delivering a whopping £4.2 billion in sales. From creating an elegant point of sale display for Habitat to ensuring that all of our 60,000 products are getting the attention they deserve, this is a highly influential team. Join us, and you’ll have the chance to deliver innovation daily.

Customer Experience

A diverse range of people shop at our three brands, across our 840+ stores and on our online platforms. Enhancing all of their customer journeys is at the heart of our transformation process. Which makes this close-knit team’s work more vital than ever. Looking at this journey from beginning to end, they put themselves in our customers’ shoes, before focusing on how each experience could be changed for the better. Join us, and get involved in driving forward innovations such as our new digital concept stores, which are bringing together the best of online and high-street shopping

Photographic Studio (Bradwell Media)

Some companies use agencies for their photography. We have our own. It’s called Bradwell Media, and its studio is one of the busiest in the UK. Join us here, and you’ll be at the heart of developing our dynamic retail brands – Argos and Habitat. Our tight-knit team of creative photographers and technicians produce over 50,000 shots and 5,000 videos every year, whilst our copywriters write many more thousands of words of copy. It’s a high-end creative powerhouse that helps drive our business.

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From Marketing & Creative to…

…well, that’s up to you. Because your career is your own. You’ll drive it forward, making the most of the opportunities that come along. And they will come along, because we’ll be with you all the way. Giving you every chance to show us what you can do. It should be some journey.

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