Supply Chain & Logistics

What our customers want, our customers get. So we go to great lengths to source our products at the right price – no matter where in the world they happen to be. To work on the scale we do, with 840+ stores, the UK’s biggest home-delivery operation and over 180 million purchases from a range of 60,000 products every year, you need a vast infrastructure in place. But it’s not just a matter of size. Whether you’re part of our Central Distribution Team, based at our Avebury HQ, or at one of our brands’ own networks, you’ll also discover how hard we try to keep improving – by constantly looking out for that next great supplier, that next brilliant idea, that next amazing innovation.

Our Supply Chain & Logistics roles

Warehouse & Distribution

With the recent launch of Argos’ new Fast Track delivery, customers can place an order and get it delivered to their home the same day. It’s just one of the ways we as a Group are changing the way people shop. None of this would be possible without our network of warehouses and fleets of vehicles. Vast and sophisticated, it relies on a small army of managers, pickers and drivers to make sure our customers get the product they want, where they want, at the time they want.

Planning & Forecasting

Analysing the flow of goods in and out of our stores and distribution centres, this team forecasts its needs for the days, weeks and even months ahead. Taking into account factors such as seasonal trends, they focus on maintaining inventory at the right levels, helping us reduce our overheads while optimising space on our shelves and in our stockrooms.

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From Supply Chain & Logistics to…

…well, that’s up to you. Because your career is your own. You’ll drive it forward, making the most of the opportunities that come along. And they will come along, because we’ll be with you all the way. Giving you every chance to show us what you can do. It should be some journey.

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